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Value for money driving lessons in Edinburgh and Fife, using only manual cars and tailoring your driver training to meet your individual requirements.

We are fully qualified Advanced Driving Instructors with years of driving experience ensuring we turn beginners into safe and confident drivers.


Compass prodrive Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

We offer value for money driving lessons in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians to pupils of all levels who are looking for a tailored and personalised learning experience in a comfortable and friendly environment.

As a driving school we specialise in developing complete novices into drivers that are confident and more than capable on the road with a process that is designed around their abilities and requirements.

Utilising the latest technology around we offer unique driving performance analysis, using internal cameras, GPS tracking and interactive maps. 

We aim to guide you through a step by step process at a pace that is suitable for you to get you to a point at which you are not only ready for your driving test but also confident and looking forward to it.

You'll Love Driving lessons With Compass ProDrive

There are a variety of reasons to choose Compass for your driving lessons...


We use integrated iPad applications and cameras to further enhance your learning and understanding.


Everyone has different needs, requirements and timescales. At Compass we can design a specific course with your input that will work for you, creating the best possible plan for you to develop your skills.


Driving can be quite a daunting prospect but at Compass we ensure that your learning environment is as safe and relaxed as possible to allow you to meet your undoubted potential in the car.


We realise that everyone has busy lives and packed schedules, as such we will endeavour to be as flexible and accommodating as possible to allow you to meet the challenge of learning to drive at a time that is convenient for you.


For training and development we utilise GPS, maps and in car cameras to allow us to bring your lessons to life. We are able to use in car replays to demonstrate areas in your driving that require improvement and go over specific manoeuvres that you are finding to be problematic.


We use the brilliant petrol manual Hyundai i20 which is equipped with every safety feature possible. It is also the highest spec in its range to give you the most modern, comfortable, enjoyable and stylish driving experience possible. 

Your Development

During the course of your journey from complete novice to test-ready pupil you will go through four broad stages of development for all the skills you learn, those stages are as follows:

Fully Instructed 

Complete involvement from the instructor to ensure you are carrying out every procedure and practical instruction to the letter to ensure complete control is with the instructor.

Seldom Prompted 

The majority of control handed to the pupil, with very little verbal instruction given by the instructor to allow the pupil to have more control over the operation of the car, decision-making and reaction to situations as they arise.


A little less involvement from the instructor with more open questions being asked rather than direct instructions with to give the pupil the opportunity to think for themselves and develop road awareness and decision-making abilities.


Complete control handed to the pupil, essentially they are test ready and need the absolute minimum of verbal instruction from the instructor if any at all. They will be driving with confidence, control and self-assurance.


Here's a hint of what to expect when you take driving lessons with Compass...


On every lesson we will always recap what you had worked on during your previous lesson to allow you to reflect upon what you learned and to bring some continuity to your lessons. We will look at any areas that have to be reviewed from your previous lesson and go over what you could have done better and what positives you should keep up and take forward.


We actively encourage you to have a look at your own previous performances during lessons. From there we will look at where you would like to take your progression with consultation from your instructor. By having you step back and look at your learning, not just the previous week but overall, it allows you to take ownership of your development.


At the start of each lesson we will set out aims and objectives for specific teaching areas we would like to focus on, setting out what we will like to have achieved by the end of the lesson. We will also be looking at areas you would like to develop or feel you need more confidence in.


This is where we get out on the open road and put into practice the skills we have to execute in order to achieve the lesson objectives we have already discussed. We like to spend as much time as possible during lessons doing what we are meant to be here to learn... driving.


At the end of each lesson we look at the lesson as a whole and have a brief discussion on what we have done, what we have achieved and what we need to improve upon to progress further. We will also review where you are within the scope of the course in its entirety, how far you have come and what needs to be developed to get you test-ready.


Towards the end of the evaluation we will set the tone and objectives for the next booked lesson so you can mentally prepare and get in the car again knowing exactly what to expect.


Every pupil receives an electronic pupil record that is sent after each lesson to allow transparency between pupil and instructor to chart your journey throughout the course of lessons and demonstrate your progress with detailed notes for review.

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I can highly recommend this company they pulled it out the bag for me when let down by other instructor and there patience and consideration and professional manner when teaching is in my opinion second to none.
— Alistair Gourlay
Steve is a great instructor! Patient, understanding, personable and great banter. Enjoyed each lesson and 100% at ease! Passed first time too!!
— Ian Burton
Have loved every minute learning to drive with Steve! It’s been great, was relaxed and not stressful as I thought it would be, and I’ve passed first time! Would definitely recommend these guys!!!
— Laura Thomson
I was a nervous wreck half the time but Steve was patient and easy going which made me relax. I still can’t believe I now have a licence thanks too him! Woohoo, Thankyou!
— Robyn Rhind