Rory Wilson- Marchmont

A huge congratulations to Rory Wilson who today passed his test first time of asking in Currie. Rory is starting his new sports clothing company and this will massively help in achieving his ambition. Well done again Rory, best of luck with the new company, enjoy the new licence and everything it brings but above all remember to stay safe out there.  


New Year, New Skill

What a few weeks! Following recent successes we have the following spaces coming up so get in touch now to get started on gaining your licence for the New Year.


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Sabrina Henderson- Westerhailes

With Storm Ali hammering away at Scotland today, it didn’t stop Sabrina Henderson from Westerhailes, Edinburgh, from passing her test first time today with only 3 minors. Sabrina has put everything into her driving and has rightfully been rewarded with her new licence. Sabrina has embarked on a new career as a nurse at university and this licence will allow her to do anything she wants now. Well done again, enjoy the new licence and remember to stay safe out there. 


Mario Cruzado- Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Delighted to announce that Mario Cruzado from Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, today passed with only 2 minors in Currie. Mario produced a brilliant drive and was commended on his excellent performance by his examiner. Mario was also fantastically assisted in achieving this by his instructor Laura Jackson. Congratulations again Mario, enjoy the new licence and all it brings. Remember to stay safe out there. 


Samantha Davie- Westerhailes

A huge congratulations to Samantha Davie from Westerhailes who today passed first time in Currie. Sam has worked so hard fitting in lessons between a very busy work schedule. Hopefully this new licence will open up new opportunities for her. Well done again Sam, enjoy the new licence and everything it brings but above all be safe out there.  


Hollie Weir- Edinburgh

It’s with great delight that we can announce that Hollie Weir today passed her test in Currie with minimal driver marks. Hollie has worked tirelessly and shown brilliant motivation and determination to get through this whole process. Enjoy the new licence and every new opportunities that it brings but above all remember to stay safe out there. 


Dannielle McGhee- Westerhailes

We are delighted and proud to announce that Dannielle McGhee, Westerhailes, today passed her test with absolute minimum minors in Currie today. Aside the birth of her daughter, Dannielle said this is the biggest and happiest achievement in her life. High praise indeed. Hopefully this is the start of new and better things for her. Congratulations again, enjoy the new licence and all it brings but above all be safe out there. 


Ashish Shrestha- Telford, Edinburgh

We are delighted to announce that Ashish Shrestha from Telford, Edinburgh, today passed his test in Currie first time. What makes this achievement even better is that Ashish is over from Nepal working in Edinburgh and has decided to learn here. Well done again, enjoy the new licence and all those trips you can now take you’ve been wanting to do. Remember however to stay safe out there. 


Andrew Douglas- Chesser, Edinburgh

A massive congratulations to Andrew Douglas who today passed his test in Currie, Edinburgh with minimal minors. Andrew had a challenging route but brilliantly came through with flying colours. Well done to Andrew and to his instructor Laura on a fantastic result. That’s 2 passes in 2 days!  Enjoy your new licence and all that it brings but remember to stay safe out there.




We owe it to our pupils to update you on the unbelievable situation we still find ourselves in.

We had a new engine delivered to the garage on the 15th June by a company called Engine Engineering in Paisley in an unsecured not fit for purpose palette. When the engine was unwrapped to be installed, the mechanics found catastrophic damage on it. We have therefore had to return the unit and have decided to take a new route to get the car back in the road. This is the second engine in 4 weeks we have had to send back, one from Wisby in England and the other from Paisley in Glasgow!! 

The wonderful guys at ProTorq are now working relentlessly to get the car ready at the earliest possible opportunity. They have been very understanding and have worked tirelessly to help Compass get back to working at full capacity.

We know this is having an impact on lessons but we are working 7 days a week to minimise the impact to our incredible pupils who have been so understanding. It’s an unprecedented situation we have found ourselves in but rest assured Laura and Steve are working as hard as they can for you and your lessons journey is on the forefront of their efforts at every turn.

Thanks again to everyone who has been so accommodating and understanding of our situation and we ask that you keep supporting us in our efforts to make sure you are catered for.


Steve and Laura


Motorway Lessons: 7 Things You Need To Know

With June 4th upon us here’s a handy 7 things to know about the change in the law:

From today, approved driving instructors give learner drivers lessons on the motorway in a car with dual controls.

You cannot offer motorway lessons if you're a trainee instructor.

1.  Lessons are voluntary

Driving instructor and pupil

Any driving lessons on the motorway are voluntary.

We know that some people won't want to take lessons on the motorway or don't live close enough to one for it to be practical. But it's a good opportunity to develop your pupils' skills and experience.

2. Check the NASP guidelines

Driving instructor and pupil

The driving instructor's National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) guidelines can help you know when your pupils are ready and what you should teach them during lessons.

3. The Highway Code has changed

Driving instructor and pupil

Rules 253 of The Highway Code has been updated to explain learner drivers are allowed on the motorway with an ADI in a car with dual controls.

4.  Displaying L plates

Driving instructor and pupil

You can decide if you want to use your driving school rooftop box during motorway lessons, based on its instructions.

Your car will need L plates on the front and rear if you remove the rooftop box.

5.  Pass Plus continues

Driving instructor and pupil

You can still offer Pass Plus lessons to your pupils if you're registered.

Pass Plus lessons are a good way for your pupils to gain more experience driving in different conditions.

6.  ‘Motorway Driving' ebook

Driving instructor and pupil

This ebook provides the latest advice and information on how to drive safely and confidently on the motorway. It's a great resource for both new and experienced drivers

7.  Special roads

Driving instructor and pupil

Some A roads or sections of A roads are classed as 'special roads'. This means that certain types of road user are not allowed to use them.

Traffic signs show which road users cannot use them. There are some special roads that do not allow learner drivers on them.

The change in law does not extend to special roads. So, if a traffic sign shows that learner drivers are not allowed on a road, this still applies from 4 June 2018.

Check with the highways authority who operates the road if you're in any doubt.




Following recent events with one of our cars being rendered off the road for the last 3 weeks, I want to thank all my pupils who have shown patience and understanding in the face of this rather unusual set of circumstances.

I hope to have the car back up and running by Wednesday. I have been using Laura’s car for lessons after she has selflessly managed to work with me to facilitate her pupils as well as allowing me to deliver my lessons. Thank you Laura.

I appreciate those who have moved their lessons and who have shown incredible understanding when I have had to cancel lessons on some occasions more than once.

Thank you so much guys I appreciate you helping me out 

Steve Jackson - Compass ProDrive


Elizabeth Williams- Gorgie, Edinburgh

We are delighted to say that Elizabeth Williams from Gorgie, Edinburgh, today passed her test with minimal minors. Lizzy is embarking on a new career this weekend and the driving will definitely help her with that. Brilliant result and richly deserved after all the hard work put in by her. Well done, good luck with the new career, enjoy the new licence but above all be safe out there. 


James Robertson- Westerhailes.

Its with great delight we can announce that James Robertson from Westerhailes, Edinbugh, today passed first time with absolute minimum driver faults. James held it together and brilliantly drove with the confidence we knew he had. Well done again James, well deserved and good luck with what this licence will do for you. Enjoy it but remember above all to stay safe out there. 




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