Choosing a driving instructor in Edinburgh

Most young people go through their teenage years with a burning ambition to get behind the wheel of a car. Some never manage it at all – circumstances get in the way or maybe they, or their parents, just can’t afford the lessons. In some cases it can take a number of years into adulthood before some revisit the idea and finally take the plunge. Whenever the decision is made though there are a number of things to weigh up before booking that first lesson.

Nobody wants to spend TOO long on lessons do they?

Surely the best instructor you can afford has to be the first consideration. Well, that is true to some degree, personal recommendations and a great track record of successful passes go a long way to helping a person choose.

Learning to drive is not like shopping, you don’t pop into one driving school have a lesson then try a different one down the road and then another after that. The most likely route to a successful outcome is to choose an Edinburgh driving instructor that you get on well with and stick with them. By adopting this approach you will find you will pass quicker and become a safer and more confident driver.

It is, in some ways, a close and personal relationship that you are entering into. Your driving instructor will be guiding you, advising you and will be pointing out the errors that you make. The driving instructor needs a tactful approach and the student needs to be willing to accept criticism and praise in equal measures.

A friendly approach is certainly helpful; putting a nervous learner driver at ease right from the outset should be the aim. It can be a stressful exercise to begin with and the learner driver needs to relax into it while, at the same time, should be able to concentrate on the job in hand.

So, apart from making a personal connection with your instructor what else would you be looking for? As mentioned above, a good track record in first time passes will be a good start.

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