What are the Benefits of Doing Pass Plus?

The driving test is over, and you've passed! It's safe to say you're probably glad to put all that behind you. Yet there is another thing you can do to make yourself a better driver, and save some money, too.

So what is Pass Plus, and why should you think about doing it?

Pass Plus Edinburgh

The Pass Plus programme is an additional course for new drivers, specially designed by the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency). It exists to increase the confidence of new drivers by building upon driving skills they already have. It makes you a safer and better driver, and can save you money.

Be a Safer Driver with Pass Plus Edinburgh

Statistically speaking, new drivers are one of the riskiest groups on the roads. Their inexperience, lack of confidence, and occasional bravado cause a lot of accidents. While you are most likely a careful and considerate driver who respects the dangers of the road, you simply don't have the wealth of experience of veteran drivers.

The Pass Plus Edinburgh scheme helps you to develop extra skills that will keep you, and other road users, safe.

Be a More Confident Driver with Pass Plus

You may have passed your test, but that doesn't necessarily make you a confident driver. It's perfectly normal to feel a little nervous when you begin driving after getting your license. A little extra confidence can go a long way, which is why the Pass Plus scheme exists to build your skills.

The Pass Plus scheme will cover situations you won't have dealt with in your lessons, such as night time driving, all weather driving, and motorway driving. You'll learn how to safely drive through town centres, rural roads, and on dual carriageways. Pass Plus Edinburgh gives you a wider driving skillset that makes you confident in dealing with all kinds of situations on the road.

Save Money on Insurance with Pass Plus

The Pass Plus scheme has been developed with in conjunction insurers. A Pass Plus certificate shows your commitment to safe driving, as well as testifying to your above-average abilities. Being a lower risk driver will be reflected in your premiums, and insurers will offer you a lower rate that takes into account your advanced driving skills.

Interested in Pass Plus Edinburgh?

Become a safer, more confident, cheaper driver with the Pass Plus scheme Edinburgh with Compass Prodrive School of Motoring. Your driving is constantly assessed throughout the six units, so there is no scary test to face at the end of it all! Contact us today to find out more.