Why Take an Intensive driving course?

If you’re learning to drive, you may be unsure of which way is best for you. It depends on many different factors, your budget will be one important consideration, the second will be how quickly you pick things up and finally, how you like to learn, what is the ideal environment for you.

If you’ve chosen intensive driving courses Edinburgh then passing your test is clearly high on your list of priorities. It may be that you need to pass your test in time of the start of a new job, perhaps your new job relies heavily on your ability to drive a vehicle. Maybe, you’re on your way to college and you need to be able to drive in order to get from home to college easily and conveniently.

Whatever the reason you’re eager to pass your test quickly and efficiently and that’s what we’re here for.

What is an Intensive Driving Course?

An intensive driving course is a specific course that’s taken over a few days, you will take driving lessons all day, every day. There’s a high pass rate for this type of course, so you may find that an intensive driving course is for you. You’ll sit your test after your intensive driving course, which you will hopefully pass first time. You will sit a mock test with us before you try the real thing.

It’s your driving test, so you must take it in whichever way you feel works for you. We’ll work with you, and if for instance, you start an intensive driving course, only to discover it’s not for you, then we can change over to a longer time period for you to learn, if that’s what suits you.

Naturally, of course, an intensive driving course could save you money in the long-term and not only be cheaper, but more effective, reducing the time it takes to pass and giving you more free time to do something else – like driving!

The Advantages of an Intensive Driving Course

With such a high pass rate it would seem that intensive driving courses in Edinburgh is a good idea and we can think of other points that we think you should consider too:-

  • It’s easy to lose focus when driving lessons are taken over a longer period

  • Students who take driving lessons over a shorter period of time are more likely to pass successfully

  • The amount of learning is better on a short, more intensive driving course

  • If you take one lesson a week over the course of several weeks, you’re more likely to forget and not carry forward what you’ve learnt, rather than in a 4 hour period where this is less likely to happen

  • The driving instructor is more likely to remember your specific weaknesses and strengths over an intensive one on one course, if he only sees you from 1 week to the next, with plenty of student’s in-between, he may forget certain things you need to focus on to pass

This is your driving test and you must take it in a way that suits your specific skills but an intensive driving course does have clear advantages.

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