Important Pupil Information


It has come to our attention from recent enquiries we have had that some potential pupils are wanting us to teach them in their own cars. As a policy we do not do this for a few reasons:

1. Our public liability insurance does not cover us or the vehicle for tuition therefore it leaves us wide open to being sued in the event anything should happen

2. Your insurance does not cover you to be taught by an instructor that receives payment for lessons

3. It's simply quite dangerous. Your car is not equipped with the necessary dual controls to ensure a safe lesson. This is particularly problematic when initially learning as your control is not as good as it would be when you're more experienced. We promote a safe learning environment and teaching a pupil in their own car does not allow us to maintain our high standards of safety 

I hope this clears a few things up but this is simply for pupil safety

Thanks for reading

Steve and Al