Tips for Choosing Your Driving Instructor

Naturally, when you start taking driving lessons you want someone you can get on with and feel comfortable with. However, there are other factors of equal importance that should be considered before you start. So what should you look for in a driving instructor in Edinburgh?

Qualified to Teach

Make sure your driving instructor in Edinburgh is fully qualified to teach you. They have to pass 3 tests to be fully qualified, each one as hard as the last. This ensures they’re fit to teach. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) will also check the ability to instruct and as well as that, they carry out a criminal record check. Take a look for any badges, there should be a green one if they are fully qualified and if they have a pink badge, this means they’ve still got a final exam to sit. If they don’t pass this they can’t take anyone out on driving lessons.

Personal Qualities

You need to know you can rely on your driving instructor. You’re learning to drive and therefore, your instructor is your key to success. Do they turn up on time? Do they try to put you at your ease? Can they explain things clearly and make sure you understand instructions? They should also have a car that’s in good condition. If your instructor ticks all these boxes, then you’ve found yourself a reliable driving instructor in Edinburgh, someone you can trust.

What Type of Lessons are Available

Find out all you can about the price per lessons and whether you can pay for bulk driving lessons at the same time, at a discount. A good driving instructor in Edinburgh will be able to tell you clearly what the prices are and whether you can bulk buy your lessons.

Are there intensive lessons on offer? If you take an intensive driving course, you can sometimes take your test at the end of a week of intensive lessons. Your driving instructor should be able to tell you all about this.

Your driving instructor should be rooting for you, constantly giving you encouragement as well as pointing out areas for improvement. It should be a two way relationship, where you both can speak your mind, and where your instructor will listen, as well as give advice.

Compass ProDrive For Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

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