Summer Driving Tips

You been out with your driving instructors in Edinburgh and you’ve grown in confidence since you first started learning to drive. Your Edinburgh driving school will have done everything in its power to make sure you’re a competent driver, but there are always a few hints and tips that can help make any potential new driving experiences even better.

In today’s post we’re going to be talking about driving, specifically summer driving, and how you can make your journey’s safer, more enjoyable. Planning ahead is key to having a safe journey so read on and find out how to prepare for your driving trips this summer.

Car Fluids

It’s important to check your car’s fluids and make sure the car is well prepared, with water especially, so as to avoid your car breaking down while you’re out on the road. Also consider engine coolant, fuel and windscreen washer.

Tyre Pressure

This is important as it’s a hazard to drive without having tyres that aren’t of adequate pressure. Check them first before leaving the house to avoid a potential breakdown, or perhaps even worse, crashing. Do you have a spare wheel in the boot? You should have, so make sure you get one.

Emergency Kit

Always make sure you have an emergency kit containing a blanket, breakdown triangle, torch, map breakdown cover details, mobile phone, and a high visibility jacket if you have one. This should be enough for an emergency should you have one, before the emergency services or your breakdown service arrive.

Take the Scenic Route

A scenic route during the warm summer months is a must, and it’s always better than going along the motorway and potentially getting stuck in holiday traffic. If you take a scenic route where there’s room to stop along the way, you can get out and stretch your legs occasionally. That way, you can appreciate the scenery that bit more, perhaps stopping off at the occasional village. Always keep an eye out for cheaper fuel stops, this will save you money, especially as a scenic route may be a longer journey than the motorway.

Compass ProDrive – Quality Driving Lessons Edinburgh

Once you’ve been out with your driving instructor in Edinburgh you will have picked up a lot of tips and learnt to drive over a period of time that’s hopefully, turned you into a confident and competent driver. We hope you enjoy your summer driving and if you need any further advice or guidance, or you or someone you know is looking to take driving lessons, then do get in touch with us here at Compass ProDrive.