The Driving Test Theory Explained

The smell of the countryside in the summer, the ability to travel from one end of the country to another without the constraints of public transport and the pleasure of driving without L plates are all reasons why people take a driving test. However, if you don’t pass the theory part of the test, you won’t be able to enjoy the pleasures of motoring.

Learning to Drive

When you are ready to start driving you should approach qualified driving instructors in Edinburgh. You should also send off for a provisional driving licence. Your parents may be wonderful for many things, but all too often family members and driving just don’t mix. It’s always good to get driving lessons from professionals, so that you don’t learn any bad habits, or start a family feud. There is a practical and a theory element to the test and you will have to pass both parts if you want to drive.

The Theory Test

The theory test helps you understand the reasons why you carry out certain actions when you drive. The test comprises two parts, the hazard perception element and the actual driving theory test itself. You’ll learn all about the meanings of road signs, and you will become a safer driver once you pass this part of the test. If you’re taking driving lessons in Edinburgh, you’ll learn how to navigate the city streets, understand all of the road signs and learn how to keep your head, when other drivers around you may be losing theirs.

The theory test presents you with hypothetical options, and you’ll have a series of multiple-choice options for your answers. The hazard perception element is based on a series of 14 video clips, showing real situations and you have to indicate that you have recognised the hazards, highlighted in the film. You cannot take the practical driving test until you have passed your theory test.

The Highway Code Will Become Your Bible

Once you have your provisional licence and you feel confident enough to start learning to drive, you must invest in a copy of the Highway Code. It’s only through thorough reading this invaluable booklet that you’ll learn about traffic signs, braking distances and all the other elements of driving theory that are so essential. Learn to become more observant, the next time you are sitting in a car, ask the driver why they are carrying out certain manoeuvres, and ask them to test you on your knowledge as you motor along.

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Talk to the Professionals

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