Pass Plus Lessons Edinburgh

Want cheaper car insurance?

Invest in a Pass Plus course with Compass ProDrive.

Statistics show that once new drivers have passed their test, they are most likely to have an accident in their first two years of driving due to lack of experience. That’s why, at Compass ProDrive, we encourage all newly qualified drivers to take the Driving Standards Agency approved Pass Plus course.

Pass Plus builds on the skills and knowledge you develop when learning to drive to help you become a more confident and safer driver.

A typical Pass Plus driving course with Compass ProDrive totals 6 hours of tuition, taken as 3 two hour driving lessons, which comes at the great price of only £250 and subject to weather, light conditions and seasonal times. A new driver Pass Plus course will cover:

  • Motorway driving lessons, for example dealing with high speeds and congested traffic

  • All-weather driving conditions (Subject to weather conditions on the day)

  • Urban driving

  • Driving on rural roads

  • Driving at night (Subject to seasonal times and available lighting conditions)

  • Driving on dual carriageways

More information on the benefits of Pass Plus can be found on the Directgov website