Driving Instructor's Tips: Adjusting Mirrors

Adjusting your mirrors correctly is an important part of driving safety. You will learn more about this once you start driving lessons. Perhaps you haven’t quite got around to adjusting your mirrors before a driving test, but it’s something you need to master because inappropriately adjusted mirrors will have a serious impact on your driving test and on how you drive in general.

Not only is this an important step in passing your test, it’s critical in being able to observe and avoid accidents. We’re going to be going over some of the things you can avoid when adjusting your mirrors so you get it right on the day you sit your test, and every day after that.

Moving Off

It’s important to make sure your mirrors are clear before moving away, especially in bad weather. This could include de-icing or demisting the inside of your mirrors before taking off.

Make sure you check your wing and rear view mirrors so you can see whether the road behind you is clear. Always look over your shoulder, this is your blind spot, something you won’t see in your mirrors. If everything is clear from this point take off.

Once You’re On the Road

Once you take off, you should constantly be checking your wing and rear view mirrors. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on behind you. By adjusting your mirrors properly beforehand, you’re prepared for driving. You should keep looking behind you and always check mirrors before changing lanes.


When you reverse again check your mirrors and your blind spot as you would when pulling off.

Now you will begin to see the importance of adjusting your mirrors so you can see behind you and to the side. Never take off unless your mirrors are adjusted to the correct position, and that position should be where you can see behind you. You need a wide view of the road and this way you can avoid an accident, when you can’t see clearly, then it’s easier to hit someone.

How can you make sure your mirrors are adjusted properly?

Your right-wing mirror should be adjusted while you’re sitting in the driving position as if you were about to take off. The horizon should be in the centre of the mirror. From your left door mirror, the same techniques should be applied. It might be a good idea to adjust your left mirror so it’s slightly lower than the right, but not by much. This allows you to have a better view of the pavement or curb, especially when you’re reversing round a corner. Don’t have your mirror too low because you won’t see as clearly.

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