Show Me, Tell Me Questions Guide

Are you worried about the show me, tell me questions you’re going to get on your driving test? Perhaps you feel you don’t know enough to get you through. The examiner is going to ask you two questions out of 19 and you won’t know which one he’s going to ask.

We’ve collected the most popular questions most people ask about this aspect of their driving test to help put you at your ease.

Is it possible to fail your driving test completely for not getting the show me tell me questions right?

No, you won’t fail the test based on these questions alone. However, you will incur one minor. There are 15 altogether and if you were to get 16 minors all together then this would mean you’d failed your driving test. It is usually serious faults that cause a driver to fail his test, not by the amount of minors.

The question combinations – how does it work?

There are 13 possible combinations from 19 questions and the driving examiner could ask you any one of them to test your knowledge. Each of these combinations will naturally have one Show Me question and one Tell Me question. The Show me Tell me questions will be relevant to each other.

A Show Me question will involve you actually showing the driving instructor something inside the car engine, or on the dashboard, or beneath the car, in order to demonstrate your knowledge of how a car works and to prove you know what to do in an emergency.

Driving Instructors in Edinburgh – Compass ProDrive

If you choose a driving instructor in Edinburgh from Compass ProDrive you’ll be tested on the type of questions you’re likely to get from your driving examiner. We’ll make sure you’re fully versed in how your car works and ask you the type of questions you’re like to be asked when you sit your test.

So as well as having your driving lessons in Edinburgh with us, you’ll be well prepared for your Show me, Tell me questions.

Do you have any questions I can practice with and some possible answers?

Yes, here at Compass ProDrive we won’t just go over it with you during live lessons, we’ll also provide questions and answers on our website. You can read them through in your own time at leisure, and this way you’ll be able to prepare yourself for the test.

Edinburgh Driving Lessons with Compass Prodrive

Here at Compass ProDrive we are all fully qualified driving instructors and we believe it’s important to prepare our students for the day they sit their test. Driving alone is not enough, it’s also important to understand how your car works and what to do in an emergency, so that you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians are safe when you drive.

We make it our business to ensure the safety of all our students and turn them into competent drivers who are prepared to go on the road. That includes full instruction and guidance on your car and preparation for the Show me, Tell me questions. So get in touch with us now and book your driving lessons in Edinburgh.