Driving Theory Test Tips

If you're taking driving lessons in Edinburgh, then perhaps you're a little worried about your theory test? Don't be, because if you're well prepared, then you have every chance of passing it successfully. In our post this week, we're going to be looking at the theory test and giving you some tips that will hopefully, lead you towards a successful pass.

It's easy to be nervous, after all it is an important test, but at the same time, if you allow it to intimidate you, it'll be all the harder to pass. With this in mind, it's important to put yourself at an advantage when it comes to taking your theory test. If you're well prepared, then the test should be much easier.

Preparation is Crucial

All that's required are a few hours preparation in advance. And preparation is key, because the theory test is multiple choice, so there are a few possible outcomes for each question. You will have the opportunity to try some practice questions first and this should help you to relax before the 'real' questions start.

There are 50 questions and you must get at least 43 questions correct to pass. The test is taken at the test centre on a computer and you must choose the correct answer out of a possible number of answers you are given in all the questions.

Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test will give you 14 scenarios where a hazard is imminent. There'll be road scenes with at least one hazard about to happen. When you spot a developing hazard you must click the button. If you react as soon as possible you'll be awarded more points. If you click several times, then you'll score a zero.

Make sure you've made the right decision as you can't go back and review the answers you've given. Once you've completed both the theory part and the hazard perception test you'll be given the results immediately. If you've failed you'll have to rebook the test again, but not there at the test centre.

So How Can You Prepare For Your Theory/Hazard Perception Test?

Make sure you make the most of the revision material out there, and try to use official material only. There is an awful lot of really good revision material, this includes, books, DVDs and apps that can be used on both your phone and tablet, this gives you ample opportunity to practice your answers. You do need to stick to the questions and tests that are based on the DVSA syllabus. The DVSA stands for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority, and the questions asked here will be featured in your theory test when you take it.

Revision Time

Make sure you plan revision time so that you're fully prepared for the test, but not excessively so, you need to plan a regular schedule, perhaps one hour a day. Also try to fit in some theory test exams, the mock ones you should find online, on the DVDs and in the books, and practice taking them within the time allotted in the exam. This will help you prepare for the test when you sit it for real.

When you're out driving, practice what you've learnt. Ask your driving instructor for practice questions, and if you find there's one particular area you're having problems with, tell your instructor so he can help you.

Prepare Yourself the Night Before

Make sure that you have everything you need for the day, the night before. That way, you won't be panicking on the day of your test. Things like your photocard license, and if you have one of the old style provisional licenses, then remember you'll need to bring your passport too. If you prepare for this the night before, you won't be panicking the following day searching for it.

Unsure of a question? Skip it and Come Back to It

Any questions you're unsure of then skip them, don't waste precious time struggling over it, you could be spending that time answering questions you're confident with.

Go Through Your Answers at the End

Go back through all your answers if you have time to spare at the end before you're told to stop working on your test. You may find that you've answered one or two questions wrongly and this is a golden opportunity to go over the ones you're unsure of. Remember, this doesn't apply to the hazard-perception questions, you're only allowed one try with these questions.

Take a Break

There is a 3 minute break between the multiple choice and the hazard-perception tests, use it to relax for a few minutes, this will help you prepare for the next set of questions.

Never over click for each question on the hazard-perception tests, you can have points deducted for this or even fail the question.

Don't Worry if You Fail the First Time

Finally, don't worry about failing because you won't be the only one that fails the theory test first time and there'll be plenty of opportunities to sit it again. Just put it down to experience and prepare for the next one, but give yourself a bit of a break first. Talk it over with your driving instructor who can help you pinpoint where you went wrong.

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