We owe it to our pupils to update you on the unbelievable situation we still find ourselves in.

We had a new engine delivered to the garage on the 15th June by a company called Engine Engineering in Paisley in an unsecured not fit for purpose palette. When the engine was unwrapped to be installed, the mechanics found catastrophic damage on it. We have therefore had to return the unit and have decided to take a new route to get the car back in the road. This is the second engine in 4 weeks we have had to send back, one from Wisby in England and the other from Paisley in Glasgow!! 

The wonderful guys at ProTorq are now working relentlessly to get the car ready at the earliest possible opportunity. They have been very understanding and have worked tirelessly to help Compass get back to working at full capacity.

We know this is having an impact on lessons but we are working 7 days a week to minimise the impact to our incredible pupils who have been so understanding. It’s an unprecedented situation we have found ourselves in but rest assured Laura and Steve are working as hard as they can for you and your lessons journey is on the forefront of their efforts at every turn.

Thanks again to everyone who has been so accommodating and understanding of our situation and we ask that you keep supporting us in our efforts to make sure you are catered for.


Steve and Laura