Take the Scenic Route After Passing Your Driving Test

If you’re taking driving lessons in Edinburgh at the moment and you can’t wait to see the end of it, perhaps you’re feeling a little jaded, it’s that middle bit where you’re entirely sure you want to continue, or you’re fed up with the lessons and feel that you’ll never pass.

Trust us you WILL pass, and everything you’re doing right now is the right way to getting your driving license. There’s plenty to look forward to once you’ve passed your test, one of them is being able to drive ANYWHERE you like. That’s something you can’t do right now, you can’t drive to remote locations and see some of the most scenic parts of Scotland because you’d need to catch a bus, or there is no bus and there’s probably parts of Scotland you haven’t even seen yet.

Once you’ve passed your test and finished with the driving lessons in Edinburgh, all that will change and you’ll get to see parts of Scotland you didn’t know existed. Let’s take a look…

Balloch and the Trossachs & Glasgow to Fort William

The beauty of driving puts you in charge and allows you to take spontaneous trips on the road to explore so much of what’s beautiful about Scotland.

How about Balloch and the Trossachs? Starting with Loch Lomond and passing the A82 you can take in the Arrochar Alps and Crianlarich. You’ll soon get to see some beautiful Scottish waters and the drive will have been worthwhile.

If you take the Glasgow to Fort William route you’ll get to see the historic Fort William via the A82, a great road that millions have driven along many times in order to see some of the most beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer. Carry on and you’ll soon see the Loch Lomond and Glencoe ahead.

A93, Perthshire and Royal Deeside

You can also do the A93 in your car once you pass and test what you learnt on descents (brakes!), you won’t want to drive too fast because you’ll be wanting to take in the views of Cairngorm National Park, the Glenshee ski resort and the Ancient Caledonian Forest.

Isle of Arran

How about visiting the 7th largest island in Scotgland along a circuit that just keeps on giving the entire route with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful castles such as the Lochranza and Brodick. A waterfall, the Glenashdale and the Machrie Moor stone circle all promise to impress. There’s plenty of places to eat and drink along the way such as cheese sampling, seafood restaurants and brasseries, and plenty of ice cream, beer, whiskey and other delicacies for you sample along your route.

So there you have it, there’s plenty to look forward to when you pass your test, and although perhaps you can’t see that far yet, keep it in the back of your mind, let it motivate you to success. You may not be able to make these journeys yet, but you will, and the other side of your driving test is there, just on the horizon, so don’t give up, you have so much to look forward to!

Get in touch today if you want driving lessons in Edinburgh to take the first steps towards passing your driving test and exploring Scotland and beyond for yourself.