Eco-Driving Tips

Looking to start driving lessons in Edinburgh, or are you already taking driving lessons with someone else, but you’re considering a change to a new instructor?

Here at Compass ProDrive we pride ourselves on our well trained and qualified instructors and our eco-friendly cars. In this post we’re going to talk about how we can ensure all our cars are kind to the environment, as well as giving you the best start with your driving.

When you start driving yourself, once you’ve passed your test, you’ll probably want to continue driving in an eco-friendly way, and there are things you can do make sure your car does as little harm to the environment as possible.

Naturally, with eco-friendly driving you’re not just kind to the environment you’re also saving on money and fuel.

Cutting down on fuel consumption can be done easily and efficiently if you take on board the following tips:

  • Make sure your car is serviced regularly and this way, your car will always operate efficiently.

  • Check your tyres regularly by making sure they’re inflated properly, also check the tyre pressure and you’ll reduce the friction of your car on the road.

  • You don’t need a roof rack on your car all the time, this will make your car heavier and drag, which means you’ll use more fuel. 

  • Leave on time for any appointments, and don’t leave your engine running.

  • Hard as it can be, try not to get lost, you’ll spend an awful lot on fuel.

  • Combine as many short trip as you can into one trip, and you’ll save money.

How You Drive

I’m sure that if you’re having driving lessons in Edinburgh, or thinking about it, you haven’t passed your test yet. Perhaps you’re too nervous right now to consider how you drive. But once you’re driving properly, you can pay more attention to how you do it, and make some positive changes. Take a look at the ones we’ve listed below:

  • Try not to accelerate or brake too quickly, do both as smoothly as possibly.
  • Try not to rev your engine especially when it’s in low gears.
  • Make sure you switch off your car lights when you don’t need them 
  • Switch off the air conditioning when you don't need it.

Compass Pro Drive and Eco-Friendly Driving

You’ll be pleased to hear that at Compass Pro Drive, we take eco-friendly driving seriously, and we take on board all the suggestions we’ve made here, and use them every day we go out on the road - and that includes when we take you out on driving lessons in Edinburgh.

We also care about the environment and we want you take that away with you when you start your own driving. We’ll encourage you to make small, but important changes to your driving habits and show you how you can be eco-friendly and help the environment, and still enjoy your independence.

If you have any questions about eco-friendly driving or any other aspect of driving, or if you’re thinking of taking up driving lessons in Edinburgh, then get in touch today.